First KIX

First KIX Program

Let their imaginations run wild! A friendly and FUN introduction to dribbling, stopping and controlling the ball. The First KIX program is targeted to children ages 3-5 years old and our coach to child ratio is 1:6.

Our First KIX classes are unique and not like any other sports program. They are purposely designed to be FUN, silly, age appropriate and a high energy experience for children. Our soccer and programs feature exciting games and activities to teach the fundamental skills of the sport. Your child will learn to participate in a group, follow simple instructions, cooperate with peers, develop gross motor skills, and lets not forget, the obvious benefits of having them burn off some of that energy! First KIX coaches are highly experienced in dealing with this age group of children and are brilliant at what they do.



May 6-17First KIX8:30am-9:15amLearn MoreNorthborough
May 6-17First KIX9:15am-10:00amLearn MoreNorthborough
June 26-30First KIX9:00am-9:45amLearn MoreNorthborough
July 24-28First KIX9:00am-9:45amLearn MoreNorthborough
August 21-25First KIX9:00am-9:45amLearn MoreNorthborough
April 29-June 3First KIX10:00am-10:45amLearn MoreGrafton
April 29-June 3First KIX9:00am-9:45amLearn MoreGrafton
April 27-May 25First KIX9:00am-9:45amLearn MoreGrafton
July 17-21First KIX9:00am-10:00amLearn MoreGrafton
August 7-11First KIX9:00am-10:00amLearn MoreGrafton
April 29-June 10First KIX8:30am-9:15amLearn MoreWestborough
April 29-June 10First KIX9:30am-10:15amLearn MoreWestborough
July 31-August 4First KIX9:00am-9:45amLearn MoreWestborough