2023-2024 Best FC Teams

1. Create a PLAYERS FIRST account.

2. Find your child’s appropriate BIRTH YEAR.
3. Register for your child’s BIRTH YEAR and “2023-2024 BEST FC Team Tryout” and fill in all information.

Birth YearGroupRegistration
2005/2006U18/19 BoysRegister for Tryout
2005/2006U18/19 Girls Register for Tryout
2007U17 BoysRegister for Tryout
2007U17 Girls Register for Tryout
2008U16 BoysRegister for Tryout
2008U16 GirlsRegister for Tryout
2009U15 Boys (Winter, Spring)Register for Tryout
2009U15 Boys (Fall, Winter, Spring)Register for Tryout
2009U15 Girls (Winter, Spring)Register for Tryout
2009U15 Girls (Fall, Winter, Spring)Register for Tryout
2010U14 BoysRegister for Tryout
2010U14 GirlsRegister for Tryout
2011U13 BoysRegister for Tryout
2011U13 GirlsRegister for Tryout
2012U12 BoysRegister for Tryout
2012U12 GirlsRegister for Tryout
2013U11 BoysRegister for Tryout
2013U11 GirlsRegister for Tryout
2014U10 BoysRegister for Tryout
2014U10 GirlsRegister for Tryout
2015/2016U8-U9 BoysRegister for Tryout
2015/2016U8-U9 GirlsRegister for Tryout
PDP 2017-2014BoysRegister for Tryout
PDP 2017-2014GirlsRegister for Tryout

Age Groups

Below is the birth year chart for Fall 2023/Spring 2024.

Birth YearPlaying GroupLearn More
2018-2014Player Development Program 5v5Learn More
2015/2016Under 9 7v7Learn More
2014Under 10 7v7Learn More
2013Under 11 9v9Learn More
2012Under 12 9v9Learn More
2011Under 13 11v11Learn More
2010Under 14 11v11Learn More
2009Under 15 11v11Learn More
2008Under 16 11v11Learn More
2007Under 17 11v11Learn More
2006/2005Under 18/19 11v11Learn More

Missed Tryouts?

Contact Paul Mumby at 508-292-6082 or to schedule a tryout. Several dates over the summer will be added. 

All players are required to bring a soccer ball, plenty of water, and wear shin guards.

Best FC Tryout Process

  • Create a PLAYERS FIRST account.
  • Find the appropriate BIRTH YEAR and check dates/times of tryouts.
  • Register for your BIRTH YEAR and  “2023-2024 BEST FC Tryouts” and fill in all information. Incomplete registrations will not be accepted.
  • Arrive 15 minutes prior to the tryout start time to check in.
  • Players should be properly equipped and should bring a ball and water to the tryout.
  • Players are encouraged to attend both tryout dates, especially if they would like to be considered for a higher-level team.
  • Notification: You will receive an email notification whether or not your child has been placed on a team. If you do not receive this communication, please contact us directly at 508-292-6082.
  • Acceptance: If you wish to accept your position, you must complete the online registration using the link provided in your acceptance email and submit your online deposit by the deadline.
What is the fee to play for Best FC?

BEST FC is priced extremely competitively compared to other clubs in the region. The fee will depend on the team your child is placed on.

When are games played and how long are they?

All League games shall be of regulation length as follows:

  • Under 9 & 10 two 30-minute halves
  • Under 11 & 12 two 30-minute halves
  • Under 13 & 14 two 35-minute halves
  • Under 15 & 16 two 40-minute halves
  • Under 17 & 18 two 45-minute halves
How often do BEST FC teams practice?

U9 to U19 teams practice twice a week during the Fall and Spring seasons.
Teams practice one time per week during the Winter.

In addition, weekly skills and goalkeeper training is offered to all players during the Fall and Spring seasons.

Who are the coaches of the BEST FC Teams?

All BEST FC teams are coached by experienced and licensed coaches who follow BEST FC’s philosophy of long-term player development.  Many BEST FC coaches are also local elementary, middle, or high school teachers and varsity soccer coaches.

What is the roster size of the teams?

No more than 13 dressed players for the Under 9 and Under 10 7v7 games. Under 11 and Under 12 9 v 9 age groups can have up to 18 players dressed. Under 13 through Under 19 age groups can have up to 18 players dressed for a game.

When are BEST FC tryouts?

Tryouts are held mainly in June. However, tryouts are ongoing throughout the year for teams that have open roster spots.

Will my child get regular playing time?

Equal playing time is not guaranteed.

When will I know if my child has made the team?

You will receive and email with the player contract and packet within 3 days of the tryout. You will need to except the position with 24 hours and make a deposit to secure your placement.

What are your practice and home game fields?

BEST FC teams may practice at any of the following locations:
NEBC Northborough and Forekicks Marlborough

Home games are mainly held at:
NEBC Northborough
Forekicks Marlborough

What is the required uniform?

The required uniform is available on our store. This can be found under the BEST FC team tab. The cost of the uniform is not included in the yearly fee. All new and returning players are required to purchase the 2023-2025 Adidas uniform package.

How are the team jersey numbers selected?

This is on a first come, first serve basis.  When you select your position on the team, you will return an email with 3 numbers. We will then select whichever number is available.

Why should we play for BEST FC and not another club?

Great question! There are many clubs in the New England regions.  If you are looking for a club to develop your child properly emotionally and socially, learn great fundamental technical and tactical skills, build confidence, allow your child to play multiple sports, all at a fraction of the cost of most clubs, then BEST FC would be a great fit for you and your child!

Do I need to register for tryouts?

Yes.  All prospective players must register for tryouts.

This will allow BEST FC to prepare for expected numbers and keep you informed of any announcements or changes.

What does a typical BEST FC season look like?

The yearly schedule typically looks like the following:

  • Summer camp in August for U14 and below teams
  • 2 weekly training sessions beginning in late August (U14 and below)
  • Fall season: 8 games and practice 2 times per week
  • Weekly Skills and Goalkeeper training
  • Possible Columbus Day Tournament in October
  • Possible November tournament
  • Winter training 1x/week
  • Optional indoor team league
  • March pre-season tournament
  • Spring season: 8 games and practice 2 times per week
  • Weekly Skills and Goalkeeper training
  • Memorial Day Tournament
  • State Cup Tournament (for eligible team)
  • Additional outdoor tournaments (Coaches option)
Is there a lot of traveling?

There are an average of 8 league away games per year plus tournaments. You can count on a few ‘Sunday drives’ but most of the games are relatively local. Most travel is within Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire.

Can I still play for my town team?

Yes! In fact, it is highly encouraged for players up to U12 to continue to play town soccer. However, players should put club soccer as their first priority.

Do you have a refund policy?

BEST FC does not give refunds or credits or release players during the club season. It is anticipated that once a player signs with BEST FC, they are committed for one full club year (August – June).

Once the player accepts the roster position on the team, that roster position is secured for the year. Please remember that there is a tryout process in place. Therefore, there are players who are not offered roster positions.

Refunds are only given for season ending injuries (and may be prorated).

Will I have to quit my other activities?

No.  We make it a priority to arrange practices conveniently. If there are conflicts, they tend to work out. You do have to take your commitment to the club seriously and be at practice with your teammates as often as possible.

What should you bring to tryouts?

A fully-inflated soccer ball, shin guards, and plenty of water!

What if another club is trying to recruit me during the year and I have already signed a yearly contract with BEST FC?

If a player decides to join another club mid-season, all yearly fees/balances are due to BEST FC and then the player will be released to the other club.