Skilz Camp

Best Soccer Skilz Camp

The BEST Soccer SKILZ camp focuses on a different topic each day. Players are assigned to a group based on age and ability levels. Players must be at least five years of age to participate in the SKILZ camp.

The SKILZ Camps operate for 3 or 6 hours per day. Each day is carefully structured to ensure optimal learning.

Each camp day, players will extensively cover a new technical skill. Our goal of each topic is to introduce, refine and master the skill.

Half Day Daily Camp Schedule

Throughout the week, all players will learn individual skills and transfer these skills into game situations. Players will focus on developing advanced skills and applying them in game situations to outwit their opponents. Furthermore, tactical knowledge will be developed. All players will be assessed by their coach continuously throughout the camp week. A typical Half Day or Three Hour Camp may include the following activities. Please note, activities may vary depending on location and number of camp participants.

ActivityDurationTopicKey Points
Warm Up20
- One ball per player
- Main focus is to maximize ball contact
Main Activity70
- Techniques are introduced from unopposed to oppose in order to build player confidence and ability
- The aim is to progress from learning and understanding the action to performing the action under pressure
- High frequency of repetitions and variety
Rest- Enjoyable, culturally-themed activities
Activity and
Skills Challenge
- Small-sided group play
- Conditions added to reinforce the application of skill and to build player confidence
- Activities to goal with many attacking and defending opportunities
- Individually-based daily skills challenges
operated along small-sided games
FA Cup 40
FA Cup- Session finishes with a competitive FA Cup tournament
Analysis of
5 minutes Player
- Review of daily topic and introduction to
next session. Player’s task set for next session.
Topic: Dribbling and Turns

Deceptive moves and feints to beat an opponent; Changes in direction to beat a player or create space

Topic: Passing and Receiving

Improve passing range and accuracy; Improving first touch to maintain possession of the ball

Topic: Foot skills

Multiple touches on the ball to build confidence

Topic: Shooting

Striking techniques to score goals

Topic: Open session

A review of all covered topics, in addition to game play